Vizcaya positioned Chopard, the Presenting Sponsor for the Vizcaya Ball, at the top of mind of the museum’s key donors through a targeted digital marketing campaign.



Video content was used to craft a storyline that created an organic connection between Vizcaya and the sponsor while putting their core messaging at the forefront.

The first video in the series introduced Chopard as the presenting sponsor and their newly-launched fairmined gold platform, which aligns with the Vizcaya’s sustainability policies. The next video builds on that connection by having an expert from Chopard discuss a historic Vizcaya timepiece.

Overall, the video series resulted in more than 42K views across social media platforms.



Influencer partnerships were instrumental in generating awareness and excitement through vibrant content that resonated with the target audience.

In addition to participating in a fashion video, each influencer completed a dedicated photo shoot at the museum featuring sponsor products and shared content on Instagram over a period of three months. Together, the five (5) participating influencers produced more than 35 posts and 175 Stories generated more than 2.3MM impressions.



The 2018 Vizcaya Ball sold out more than one month in advance - a first for the institution - and broke fundraising records for the museum on the night of the event with a first-ever on-site ask.